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2023 African Cybersecurity and Awareness

The 2023 African Cybersecurity and Awareness Report sought to unpack the areas of weakness that should be of concern to both individuals and organisations, shining a light on those areas that need to be addressed in 2023 to ensure robust and strategic cybersecurity.

Since 2019, KnowBe4 has conducted annual Africa-wide surveys to explore whether or not people living on the continent are prepared for the current cyber threats, what the state of cryptocurrency and blockchain security is and how organisations instil a culture of cybersecurity throughout Africa.

The 2023 report gives you need-to-know information to help you refine your best practices across cybersecurity, training and management. Organisations like yours need to invest in improving security culture to augment their defences against social engineering and malware attacks.

Read this report to learn important insights such as:

  • How worried the average user is about cybercrime and the frequency of cyber attacks they encounter
  • The most common reasons for users making cybersecurity mistakes
  • Overall knowledge of emerging technologies, such as the metaverse, deep fakes and cryptocurrency
  • Why new-school security awareness training is still your best last line of defence against attacks from anywhere around the globe
2023 African Cybersecurity and Awareness

2023 African Cybersecurity and Awareness