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Discover the Innovations Driving the Future of Technology in Formula One

In Formula One, the race to innovate is never over.

F1 racing teams are constantly seeking performance advantages over their competitors, making F1 a test bed of technological progress and engineering breakthroughs. And high-performance computing is at the centre of this innovation.

A recent London Technology Club report “Technology and Formula 1” illustrates how innovation continues to be the arbiter of victory for F1 racing teams. Download this report to learn:

  • Why Formula One is the ultimate testing ground for automotive innovation.
  • How Formula One innovation is inspiring and informing cutting-edge research in other industries.
  • How Formula One teams are using cloud-based, high performance computing to accelerate their innovation efforts.

By tapping the power of the cloud, today’s F1 racing teams can perform the most intensive computational simulations and freely iterate on hundreds of digital prototypes to find a new advantage to reach the checkered flag first.

Download the report “Technology and Formula 1” to learn more.

discover the innovations driving the future of technology in formula one


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