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From digital native to ready for growth

Digital native businesses are built for online success. But are they ready (and equipped) to scale? Productivity and collaboration tools play a major role in growing beyond early start-up stages. However, almost half (47%) of Digital Natives Businesses (DNBs) are using 10 tools or more. Almost a fifth (18%) use more than 20.

This might work early on but it can introduce serious complexity and inefficiency as DNBs try to grow. Working with Wired Consulting, Google Workspace surveyed hundreds of employees from DNBs across Europe and interviewed IT leaders from a select group of successful companies.

Download the report to learn about:

  • The processes and behaviours that help DNBs innovate and scale
  • How IT decision-makers at DNBs view productivity and collaboration tools
  • Success stories of Google Workspace customers Deliveroo, Lunar and Cazoo
From digital native to ready for growth

From digital native to ready for growth